With every camera being handmade in Sweden, the X1D is actually a special piece of hardware. It’s also apparently a compact mirrorless medium format camera — and that’s a first, actually.

To out this camera, Hasselblad turned its focus to size and optical quality. The X1D has a 50MP CMOS sensor, ISO range from 100 to 25,600, and 14 stops of dynamic range. It also shoots in full HD with dual SD card slots, GPS and WiFi. Viewing options for all your future shots would include a 3-inch 920K pixel touch display, or a 2.36MP XGA electronic viewfinder.

  1. x1d

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With just the 3200 mAh battery loaded, the X1D weighs 725 grams, which is lightweight for a medium format camera.

Your port options are straightforward: a USB-C connector, mini-HDMI and audio in/out. Hasselblad also weather and dust sealed the X1D, so it’s adventure-friendly.

Regarding lenses, Hasselblad launched a new line of XCD lends with integral central shutters; 45 and 90mm versions are available at launch. Thankfully, the X1D is still compatible with all 12 lenses from the pro H System, but requires an adapter, naturally.

MSRP? $8,995, which is about right for a medium format camera, especially something from the Scandinavian imaging company.